Thursday, November 02, 2006

we are the pegues project

Captain Kirk showed me how to mack
to a woman
even if she was an alien creature
pretending to be a woman

Dr Spock taught me
to never let my emotions
out in front of company
and how to do
the mind meld

I learned politics from the Transfomers
Optimus prime is a big rig
he is the heart of America

star trek was a love ship
with nubians, russians, chinese
everyone got along
everyone had sex with one another

and Captain Kirk
Mr Mack Daddy
Mr Neverletemseeyasweat
Mr Getouttaanysituation
Mr Lovemiester
Mr Method Actor

why can't
I be
just like you

1 comment:

Das said...

Star Trek shaped a generation:
Ohura ! Yeah!
Kirk: Mr/ Cool (I can barely stand to look at what he has become today \mugging for Priceline - what a comedown - turning himself into a joke. He owes it to all of us to maintain dignity - doncha think?
May you live long and prosper...